Ing Wim Geul

reserve Captain RHvS retd

Wim Geul passed away on June 10, 2022

Hans Pol

reserve 1st Lieutenant RHvS retd


In 2000 J.A.G. (Hans) Pol, in his publication “Onze Vergeten Bevrijders – Our Forgotten Liberators” made it clear that some British armoured units had never been mentioned in the historiography about the liberation of Borne. Most likely it was assumed that they were part of the Dorset Infantry Regiment to which they provided support. Nevertheless, they are independent regiments, with their own combat training, their own command and control, and recognizable by, for instance, their own emblems, distinguishing badges, and, of course, their own military history. To correct this misconception, the Forgotten Liberators Foundation wants to rehabilitate these never-invited regiments in Borne. That is why 3 April 2020, 75 years after the liberation of Borne, is an excellent opportunity.