Forgotten Liberators Foundation

The Forgotten Liberators Foundation has been created especially to ensure that the Liberators of the East Twente Region have their well-deserved place in history. Although they played a vital role in the liberation of the region, they have been hardly mentioned in local written history. Rightful appreciation never reached them. They were never invited to festive remembrances.

The Foundation aims to turn around this omission. 75 years after the Liberation this will be achieved by initiating and supporting remembrance events for the Forgotten Liberators. The Foundation will generate contact between British units and the Netherlands military and civilian authorities. Involvement of the local population will be encouraged. The Foundation will seek funding for all the above initiatives.

BORNE April 2022

Instead of 2020, the 75th year of liberation, we finally managed to implement the plans on 6, 7, 8 and 9 April 2022.

If you want to view an image report of the most important events, click HERE.