Specific goals of the foundation

Recognition of the two regiments: Royal Dragoons, Sherwood Rangers.
Realization of a lasting memory of the role these regiments had in the liberation.
Invite representatives from aforementioned regiments.
Festivities around the presence of both regiments.
Contributions from the Dutch cavalry: vehicles and personnel.
Contributions from the local population.
Financial support from anyone who finds this initiative worthwhile.

Estimated expenses 

Travel and accommodation allowance for British guests approx. 30 pers. € 5,000 
Cocktail event and catering € 2,000
Bleachers/Stands on location € 1,500
Farewell dinner € 2,500
Unforeseen expenses € 1,000 
Total € 12,000 


Current events

  • The foundation’s plans are well received by the mayor of Borne
  • Consultation with the committee “75 Years of Freedom in Borne”
  • Contacts were initiated with Ministry of Defence
  • Contacts were initiated with the Federation of Cavalry Officers (VOC)
  • On 2nd April 2019 the Council of Borne has decided to split the public road “Rondweg” into two sections: Royal Dragoons and Sherwood Rangers
  • Invitations to both regiments and the British Embassy in The Hague
  • Confirmations of their presence on 3rd April 2020



Foundation Forgotten Liberators

The goal of the Foundation is to give the Forgotten Liberators a place in history they deserve. Forgotten Liberators are British military units that have played a crucial role in the liberation of the East Twente region, but are not mentioned anywhere in historiography. As a result, appreciation has never reached them. Never have they been invited to festive commemorations. In 2020, 75 years after the liberation of the East Twente regions, the Foundation wants to set the record straight. It does this by initiating and supporting regional activities for the 75th anniversary year. To this end, the Foundation establishes contacts between Dutch military and local authorities and British units. In addition, the Foundation stimulates the involvement of the local population. The Foundation will raise funds, to reach its goals.

Forgotten Liberators in Borne

In 2000, the publication “Our Forgotten Liberators” by writer J.A.G. (Hans) Pol clearly shows two British armoured units that were never mentioned in the historiography about the liberation of Borne. Until 2000, they were assumed to be part of the Dorset infantry regiment to which they provided support. 
Nonetheless, they are independent regiments with their own combat training, their own chain of command and control and are recognizable by their own emblems, signs, symbols and of course their own military history. 
To correct this misconception, the Forgotten Liberators Foundation intends to give these regiments their proper place in the World War II history of Borne. That is why 3 April 2020, 75 years after the liberation of Borne, is an excellent opportunity to do exactly that. 

The chain of events… April 1945, a brief overview
On April 3, 1945, the 130th Infantry Brigade (British) orders the 4th Dorset regiment (infantry) to start the advance for the liberation of Borne. The C-squadron Sherman tanks from the Nottinghamshire Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry are added as support. As a reconnaissance unit, the A-squadron of the 1st Royal Dragoons comes into action and is the first to enter Borne. The Royal Dragoons face opposition while entering Borne and report this back to central command. The Sherwood Rangers tanks then advance along with the infantrymen of the 4th Dorset and break the German opposition. The people of Borne are finally free from the German occupation. 

Friends of Forgotten Liberators

You can become a Friend to this cause by donating, however big or small. In case of corporate sponsorship, your logo can be placed on our website. 

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